【未满十八禁止看1000芒果】首次全女性太空行走取消 竟因航天服“不合身”

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【未满十八禁止看1000芒果】首次全女性太空行走取消 竟因航天服“不合身” 本文摘要:NASA’s plan to make a little space history with the first all-woman spacewalk has hit a snag: The right size spacesuit isn’t ready.美国nasa本来想在外太空有史以来迈入一一歩,推行初次仅有女性太空行走每日任务,却车祸事故遇到了艰辛,缘故居然沒有准备好服装的航天服。

NASA’s plan to make a little space history with the first all-woman spacewalk has hit a snag: The right size spacesuit isn’t ready.美国nasa本来想在外太空有史以来迈入一一歩,推行初次仅有女性太空行走每日任务,却车祸事故遇到了艰辛,缘故居然沒有准备好服装的航天服。Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch were expected to continue the installation of new lithium-ion batteries for the International Space Station’s solar energy system on March 29. Work on the project began on March 22 when McClain and another astronaut, Nick Hague, spent almost seven hours working in free fall outside the station.3月28日,宇航员lol安妮·麦克莱恩和克里斯蒂娜·科赫原本方案以后为国际空间站的太阳能发电系统软件改装新的锂电池。此项工程项目于3月22日刚开始,麦克莱恩和此外一名宇航员尼克斯·黑格在太空站外的微重力情况下工作中了近七个钟头。


McClain learned during her first spacewalk that a medium-size hard upper torso—essentially the shirt of the spacesuit—fits her best,” NASA said in a news release announcing that Hague and Koch would handle the next stage of the task instead. “Because only one medium-size torso can be made ready by Friday, March 29, Koch will wear it.”美国nasa在记者招待会上宣布,下一阶段的工作中将由黑格和科赫顺利完成。“麦克莱恩在第一次太空行走时寻找,中等尺寸的壳子內衣更为适合她。由于3月28日(周五)仅有一件现有的中等尺寸內衣,这一件衣服裤子将给科赫用以。

”The mission had originally planned for Koch, a former US Army aviator, to wear a large-size torso for her spacewalk with McClain, an aerospace engineer.此次太空行走的每日任务计划由前美国军队航空员科赫穿着小号航宇內衣和航空公司技术工程师麦克莱恩一起顺利完成。The ISS only has one medium-sized hard upper spacesuit torso prepared for extra-vehicular activity (EVA), with the other acting as a spare. A NASA spokesperson told Quartz the station has two large torsos and one extra-large torso ready, plus a spare extra-large torso. Neither of the spares can be configured in time for the EVA planned for four days from now.国际空间站仅有一件中等尺寸的航宇壳子內衣作为舱外主题活动,此外一件拔着能用。

美国nasa的一名新闻发言人对他说石英石财经头条讲到,国际空间站有俩件小号和一件扩大号的航宇內衣,也有一件扩大号的能用內衣。这俩件能用內衣都没法在四天内新的调节好规格作为舱外主题活动。We do our best to anticipate the spacesuit sizes that each astronaut will need, based on the spacesuit size they wore in training on the ground, and in some cases astronauts train in multiple sizes,” NASA spokesperson Brandi Dean told Quartz in an email. However, individuals’ sizing needs may change when they are on orbit, in response to the changes living in microgravity can bring about in a body. In addition, no one training environment can fully simulate performing a spacewalk in microgravity, and an individual may find that their sizing preferences change in space.”美国nasa的新闻发言人布兰迪·迪安在一封电子邮件中对他说石英石财经头条讲到:“大家不容易根据宇航员在路面训炼时衣着的太空服码数来不遗余力预计每名宇航员的太空服码数,一些状况下宇航员穿各有不同码数的太空服进行训炼。可是,宇航员位于路轨处时,对码数的市场的需求很有可能会依据微重力标准下人体再次出现的转变而转变。

除此之外,没哪一个训炼自然环境必须基本上模拟微重力标准下太空行走的情况,宇航员很有可能会察觉自己适合的码数在外太空中再次出现了变化。”Working in a spacesuit is one of the most physically demanding of an astronaut’s duties. Though they are in free-fall, moving their arms and hands inside the suit requires them to push against the pressurized internal atmosphere that keeps them alive and the protective gauntlet of the suit itself. A poorly-fitting suit would seem likely to add unnecessary difficulty to a risky activity. Already, astronauts working multi-hour shifts lose track of tools that drop off into space.穿着太空服工作中是对精力回绝最少的宇航员岗位职责之一。虽然她们正处在微重力情况下,在太空服内主题活动手臂和手务必承受维持生存的內部标准气压和太空服金属材料地面防水的净重。不合身的太空服将有可能给本就会有风险性的外太空主题活动降低多余的艰辛。

以往就曾再次出现过宇航员在到数数钟头工作中后因体力透支而让专用工具暴打落入外太空中。The lack of spacesuit sizing options reflects the composition of NASA’s astronauts: The most recent class consisted of seven men and five women, but only 12 of the 38 currently active astronauts are women. Female astronauts have still been major participants in EVAs: Susan Helms shares the record for longest duration, spending nearly nine hours outside the airlock; Peggy Whitson has made 10 trips, for a cumulative 60-plus hours in free-fall.太空服码数选择项缺乏反映出有美国nasa的人员结构:近期(执行每日任务)的一组宇航员是七名男士、五名女性,可是38名服役宇航员中仅有12名是女性。

但是,女性宇航员仍是舱外主题活动的关键参加者:珍妮·美的姆斯和此外一名男宇航员协同保持着舱外主题活动最久時间记录,在舱外儿时近9个钟头;佩吉·惠特森一共进行过10次舱外主题活动,在微重力情况下累计儿时了60好几个钟头。An all-women spacewalk will have to wait, but McClain is scheduled to head out the airlock again on April 8 alongside Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques.仅有女性太空行走也有待搭建,但麦克莱恩已被决策在四月八号再一次进行舱外主题活动,预估她的拍挡将是澳大利亚宇航员杰弗里·圣马克。